Does your site pass the test:

Keeping the web secure is a constant battle.  To help with this aim google now ranks sites with a security certificate (SSL) higher.  The last thing anyone wants is their site hacked.  SSL helps with authentication, data integrity and encryption.  If your hosting with us your site comes with built in SSL and we can install it for you.  It typically takes an hour and includes;

  • Activation of SSL in cpanel.
  • Redirect to SSL for all web browsers.
  • Search and replace sitewide URL’s for non SSL paths (images & Links).
  • Upgrade to image manager if required to ensure all future paths generated are SSL.
  • New SSL login path for your CMS.

To book in an upgrade get email or call Sarah.  If your site isn’t hosted with us get in touch with your host and find out if it’s included.  To check if SSL is fully installed on your site use the SSL checker here