Daylesford College

Once in a generation brand transformation

Daylesford Secondary College came to us with a need for change. The school had under gone many transformations in recent years. With a big rebuilding project due for completion, and evolution of teaching staff, a fresh approach was required.

We began by exploring school branding.  There had already been 3 shield-based logos over the past 100 years.  Was this approach still relevant? What was the new messaging?  After many months of consultation & workshops with students, staff, parents & school board we transformed the brand to more closely align with the school in 2019.

Our first recommendation was to remove the word ‘secondary’, who wants to be second?  A new logo was next,  the final result derives from several sources of inspiration and is steeped with symbology and meaning:

  • Aerial architectural plans of the new buildings provided a source of inspiration, bold curved shapes representing the heart of Daylesford College.
  • A meeting place to gather, learn, play, relax and build school communities is represented by intersecting / overlapping curved lines and open layered spaces.
  • A vessel or receptacle of knowledge and learning had been key to previous logo’s and was represented via the lower semi-circle.  This shape also draws reference to the importance of water in the local environment.
  • A lamp motif was core to previous designs, look closely there’s the lamp!  It signifies the holding of light and learning, creating a strong link to past logos.  These are traditional symbols of knowledge which have been abstracted and transformed into a more modern context.
  • The colours resonate with the new buildings: brick red for energy derived from the earth, midnight blue for emotional connection to place, cool grey for insight and clarity.

This new branding will be implemented over the next 12 months across all school collateral.   It is an exciting contemporary new direction for Daylesford College and a solution that truly reflects school values and future focused vision.

We have had so much positive feedback on the school rebranding since we unveiled it to the school community.  The most common comment is that everything we’ve done is a fantastic fresh new start and has a strong vibrant feel.  Thanks again for all your hard work at Designscope

Steve MacPhail

Principal , Daylesford College