Web Hosting Explained:

Hosting is such an aggressively marketed service these days. It has become hard to compare apples with apples, much like a phone plan.  Many companies are trying to get people to host their site on low entry level prices for the first year knowing they are not likely to shift (a bit like phone companies or ISP’s).  Things to check with cheap hosting plans include:

  • Speed: how fast sites load on their server?  Google ranks on speed.  A good test is to ask for a sample site on the plan you are considering and run a speed test here
  • Security: the last thing you want is a site hack!  One precaution is a security certificate (known as SSL).  It puts a green lock next to your web address, google loves this!  Make sure SSL is included in your plan (more on SSL above).
  • Support: there is nothing more annoying than big call centre cues or online ticket systems.  Call their tech support and see what happens!  Some companies have a quick sales number and a slow one for tech support!
  • Age: lastly age is a big factor.  New sites need the latest versions of software.  Just like a home computer, if it’s old it won’t run new sites.  Most new sites need PHP 7.0, our custom sites need this and most new plugins and WordPress 5 also need it too.

Hosting is something we only provide to our customers and as such don’t really compete on price, more on; service / reliability & support.  Get in touch today for more info.